College of Medical

Total number of professors: 62

Features of the Departme

Since the students of the department have to wear whites in their classroom, the environment gives the impression of being in a clinic. The professors not only pay attention to the subjects taught, but they also help Etugen’s future doctors attain a sense of humanity.

The students are trained at Central Clinics 1, 2 and 3, and receive on-the-job training in the countryside.

Cabinets and Laborator

The program has morphology, histology, physiology, pathological physiology, surgery, medicinal herbs, and traditional medicine cabinets.

Each laboratory and cabinet has its own features. While the students learn and practice step by step the production of medical preparations in the pharmaceutical and production technology laboratories, they get acquainted with and learn to recognize many kinds of herbs in the cabinet of medicinal herbs.

Byambaragchaagiin NINJBADGAR Chairman of the Union of Students, 5th year student of the Faculty of Traditional Medicine. People who influenced him to become a doctor: Grandmother. The pride of a doctor: The happiness of a whole family depends on a doctor When he was ready to give up: 1st and 2nd years.

“Before graduating from high school, I was not very sure about becoming a doctor. But one night I had to stay with my grandmother, who used to work as a doctor in intensive care. When a gravely ill person came to my grandmother that night, the family members looked very frightened. When the patient recovered and got well, I saw how happy and joyful the family members were. At that moment I had absolutely decided to become a doctor.”

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