It is the heart of Etugen, its busiest spot.

Here, more than 3,000 students attend lectures and dedicate their whole day to studying in the library every day. Yet, they do not forget to make fun memories to fill the prosperous years of student life with warmth. Let’s take a closer look at this place – a palace of knowledge and wisdom, and take a look around every floor and classroom.

5 stories

3 lecture halls

6 classrooms

10 laborator rooms

4 departments


The official name of the building is the Sports Hall and Residence Hall Complex of Etugen University, but students call it the “North Building”. Located 800m north of Chinggis Square, this 15-story building is visible from anywhere in the center of Ulaanbaatar.

15 stories

2 elevators

1 sport hall

Residence hall for 250 students


This is the newest facility of Etugen University and home to the university’s vocational education training center and a number of computer and engineering laboratories.

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Registration Dates: Students who have been admitted need to register in person from 21-26 August 2015 at Building number two; Room