College of Business Management

Total number of professors: 14

Number of students: 325

Number of graduates: 261

History of the Departme

The faculty is the same age as Etugen. The year 2002, when the first enrollment in accounting took place, marks the beginning of the history of the university and the faculty itself. While the very first class started with only 16 students, today the department has over 300 students studying in five different fields.

During this period, the school has expanded two times. In 2009, it opened enrollment in four different majors under the School of Social Science, and in 2012 it was re-organized into its current organizational structure as the School of Business Management.

Features of the School

This is the first school of Etugen University whose curriculum obtained both foreign and domestic accreditation. In 2013, the bachelor’s degree program in accounting obtained accreditation from the National Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

In 2014, the professional education curriculum was accredited by the U.S. Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, which proves that Etugen’s higher education program has reached the same standard as that of developed countries. This suggests that the competitiveness of graduates in society will increase and will be strengthened further.

Cabinets and Laborator

Students majoring in accounting and tax economics study in fully equipped computer laboratories with Wi-Fi and work on special financial and accounting programs of international standards.

The students from food processing and service management classes study in cabinets suitably equipped and furnished for food preparation and serving, and they undergo summer practice at Kharztai Recreation, an affiliate of Etugen.

Nanzadyn BADAMSUREN. Year 4 student of accounting. Essential things for fresh students: A notebook. Value that you like to write: A value with a lot of zeros. Your regrets: I regret that instead of always being engaged in studies, I should have been participating in all events organized by the school and my classmates.

“An accountant is the most important person in an organization. Because he or she determines whether an organization is economically viable or not. Therefore, an accountant should be an honest person, first of all, and then he should be a very organized and orderly person.”

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