The Dormitory

The dormitory has a restroom for every four students. This standard of European university dormitories is met at Etugen.

Freshmen make up 50% of the residents of dormitory.

Classroom Building II’s floors 6 to 11 are occupied by dormitories. Every floor has a refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, cabinets for groceries and common kitchen items. The number of students living in a room can vary from two to eight depending on the size of room. Dormitory students are able to study in a group study room on the 9th floor until the evening. The busy day of a student could be spent entirely inside Classroom Building II, attending a lecture in the lecture hall, having a meal at the cafeteria, buying essential items from a shop inside the building, exercising at the gym or sport hall, and studying at the library until night time. There’s almost no need for going out except for meeting up with friends.

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Registration Dates: Students who have been admitted need to register in person from 21-26 August 2015 at Building number two; Room