Etugen's president

The qualities of a wise man are expressed by three things:

First, he who does what he advises others.

Second, he who never goes against injustice.

Third, he who patiently tolerates the weaknesses of the people surrounding him.

- Leo Tolstoy

Children ask me whether there is a happy end to a long journey such as education. Each time, I answer with the three words that became Etugen’s motto. These are: PASSION, ENDEAVOR, FUTURE.

In fact, this long journey has a beginning, but thereis no ending. Though it sounds discouraging andhopeless, everyone heads for this journey one day. Butno ending does not mean that one should travel in anydirection. Moreover, assuming that the trip is endless,one should not get lost and complain that it is boringand discouraging. Then what is one to do?

The answer to this problematic question is verysimple. Your journey will make sense once youunderstand PASSION, ENDEAVOR and FUTURE.Passion is a magic gift that will lead you forward withjoy and happiness, and brighten the laughter on yourface. It will assist you if you do not unjustly cut shortthe road you take.

Endeavor is the power that moves you forward. Nomatter how difficult and hard your journey may be,only endeavor will provide you with the power tocontinue without despair. If you think over the saying,“if you don’t know which destination you are sailingto, no wind will help your sail,” the future is your finaldestination. For this reason, these three words havebeen the spirit of learning at Etugen University.

Therefore, dear student, we would like to remind youthat these three words should be an essential treasurethat you should always carry with you during your longjourney called “education”

Though this endless journey might be a difficult oneat the beginning, we would like to assure you thatthe knowledge you gain by spending a tremendousamount of time will fill your life with joy and purpose,and will make it more simple. In reality, life is notabout reaching the end. It is all about living it with joyand happiness. Finally, welcome to the Etugen worldof knowledge.

Director, Etugen University,
Doctor of Medical Sciences (PhD), Professor

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