Etugen High School

A secondary school with a concentration on natural science, two foreign languages, and basketball. Khuleg was established in 2009 at Etugen University. Its founder is S. Nyamzagd, the Academic and Honored Economist. At present, Khuleg Secondary School is a complex which can fit about 300 students, with comfortable classrooms, a standard gym, library, cafeteria, and daycare center.


  • Class size - 15- 20 students, 80% of the teachers hold degrees
  • Grade 1 to 5 students have electives in math, English, Chinese, basketball, aerobics, draughts, and IQ
  • Grade 7 to 12 students have electives in math, physics, English, Chinese, chemistry, biology, basketball and attend ethics class
  • The Lycee form of study is introduced to Grades 10 - 12 and the classes are taught by university professors with degrees
  • Student Development Day is organized every Saturday, where teachers have elective classes and give additional lessons.
  • Chemistry, biology and IT classes are conducted in special laboratories equipped with modern technology in the Etugen Building 1
  • Pre-school preparation classes are offered for children entering this school first time

Munkhbaataryn TUGULDUR. School name: Khuleg Secondary School, high school student Hobby: Basketball Height: 187 cm Maximum score earned in one game: 38 points Achievement: Bronze medal in the “3 vs 3”competition. Member of the Student Team of Etugen University.

“If I had an opportunity to be trained under the guidance of a professional coach, I would have an appropriate foundation and play better. I’ve realized that it is important to master the right techniques from the beginning, rather than to be the best among the children who play at outdoor basketball courts.”