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Accredited at the advanced level

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Campus Environment

Etugen University: Past and Present


The history of Etugen starts from 2001.

Etugen College was established in 2001 by Resolution No.153 of the Minister of Education, Culture, and Science. However, the school’s activities did not start right away. The first school year started in the fall of 2002, with 36 students and two teachers, after ensuring the school’s preparation for one year.

The old, two-story building located behind the 2nd building of Mongolian State University, was rented entirely and renovated for classrooms. In the first year there were only two programs: accounting and rehabilitation therapy.

Numerical growth of students


The number of students increased and the school’s building was expanded in the following years. Problems and challenges were overcome relying on state support for private schools and on all our own resources and management. It grew into a school with 562 students and a building with an area of 4,460 m2 by 2009.

In the same year, it secured accreditation criteria and received Certificate No.94 from the Mongolian National Council for Educational Accreditation.

The scope of school activities expanded year by year. The first graduation ceremony took place in 2006, and Etugen’s status was changed from college to institute upon having all five years of teaching work evaluated.

All students, teachers, and workers were encouraged by this, and only two years later the number of students reached 1,145. This was an important stage of development for Etugen University.


1,679 students have graduated from Etugen University

Although most of Etugen’s graduates majored in medical studies, educated citizens of the future in 24 professional fields are prepared at Etugen, including medicine, nursing, business, accounting, and state administration.

They look through microscopes in clinic laboratories at the secrets of the human body and learn to nurse others in order to open the doors to humanity and compassion in hospital rooms. With pursuits and hopes to learn more, they are the true value of Etugen. Professors at Etugen strive to create a university which prepares students to become the best in terms of humanity, ethics, attitude, and professional skills based on research and studies.

15 reasons to choose Etugen


    In 2010, the university was selected as one of the top 10 universities of Mongolia..

  • Accreditation by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

    The university was accredited nationwide at an advanced level and students are eligible to receive all kinds of scholarships.

  • Outstanding management

    “Etugen is the most rapidly growing university with outstanding management” - from a speech by D. Tserendorj, Chairman of the Mongolian Management Association

  • American standard business program

    Economic, management and business programs were accredited in 2010 at an international level.

  • Double major

    Implementing not only a foreign student exchange program, but also allowing the obtaining of a double major.

  • Training laboratories

    Training laboratories and cabinets with required standards for all professions.

  • Quality practice and clinics

    Students practice at State Hospitals 1, 2 and 3 as well as top healthcare enterprises. The university also has its own clinic.

  • Professionals with human qualities and ethics

    By having four additional credits in human qualities and ethics at the entrance level, students graduate as professionals with high human qualities and ethics.

  • Skillful graduates

    Strong employment opportunity after graduation (98.5).

  • Skilled team of professors

    The majority of professors have academic ranks.

  • Clean and comfortable study environment

    In 2014, the Mongolian Students Association and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science honored the university for having one of the best study environments in the nation.

  • Student housing

    European standard dormitories where students can take a shower every morning.

  • Library

    Apart from the library with published books and pamphlets, an e-library is available for 310 readers with official authorization to access scientific literature and magazines online.

  • Sports complex

    The basketball court that meets Olympic standards is the second “home” for the Etugen Snow Leopards dressed in green and for those interested in sports.

  • In the heart of the city

    There are three lecture buildings in the city’s A-grade area and situated within a 5-minute walking distance from Chinggis Square.

Delegates of 4 Generations

First Graduate


Class of: 2006

Profession: Nurse

Current Position: Dean of the Nursing Department at Health Sciences University of Mongolia

A late arrival physician

DECHIN Chimidbat

Class of: 2011

Profession:: Physician

Current Position: Radiologist at Achtan Hospital

Senior student of a senior class


Year of enrollment: 2009

Profession:: Physician

The craziest thing about medical student life: Autopsy



Class of: 2007

Profession: Accountant

Current Position: Accountant at the National Transportation Department

4 Ordinary Stars

A flyer on ice

DELGERMAA Dalanbayar

Year of enrollment: 2010

Profession: Bio Medicine

Special skill: Skating


BATNYAM Baasandorj

Year of enrollment: 2014

Profession: Traditional Medicine

Special skill: Volleyball

The melodious soprano

SOLONGO Usukhjargal

Year of enrollment: 2010

Profession:Traditional Medicine

Special skill: Opera singing

The little mermaid


Year of enrollment: 2010

Profession: Physician

Special skill: Swimming

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