College of Engineering

Total number of professors: 27

Number of students: 507

Number of graduates: 152

Features of the School

The school has the following three professional committees:

  • Bio-medical Research
  • Computer Programming
  • Medical Equipment Application

Cabinets and Laborator

The bio-medical professional committee is equipped with LCD screens and other equipment, reagents, and auxiliary laboratory tools and instruments. It has a microbiological training and research laboratory, chemical training and research laboratory, and biological and ecological cabinet.

The students in computer programming attend classes in two laboratories with 36 and 24 computers, respectively, which have the latest specifications and are connected to high-speed Internet.

Students who are studying medical equipment engineering independently learn design methods in order to obtain engineering skills in the Student’s Designing Laboratory.

Dashzevegiin SODOVJAMTS. Year 4 student of computer programming. Skills that a software developer should have: To simplify a problem and make an accurate conclusion Things that you always carry: A software developer without a notebook is just like a carpenter without tools. Your advice: A software developer can improve and learn only on their own. Therefore, improve your English.

“I was most discouraged when I was developing a human resources program for my school. Although I had decided to stop in the middle of the road, blaming myself for being unable to do the job, I could finally find the solution. Now the personal data of all employees of the school are stored in the program developed by me.”

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Registration Dates: Students who have been admitted need to register in person from 21-26 August 2015 at Building number two; Room