For medical students, who are the foundation of Etugen, there’s an axiom that says, “The more you read, the more you excel.” Therefore, medical students spend their university years at a reading desk. They also have to read contemporary research papers and journals published by leading universities and scientific journals from around the world in order to keep up with advancements in science. To meet these needs, Etugen University established the e-Library at Classroom Building II. This spacious library, occupying 700 square meters with a 250 seat capacity, allows students to sail anywhere they want in the sea of knowledge and wisdom with worldwide accessibility and connections. The helm is in

Some books are in high demand among students. The busiest book at the Central Library of Etugen University is “Human Pathophysiology” by Zevgee. T – a paperback book that is not very thick. No one even has the slightest idea of how many students have turned its pages, or how many times, but its spine stitched with thick thread and its worn out cover can show you how selflessly it has served students in their great journey for knowledge.

Medical science books make up 70%of all the library’s books.

There’s a saying, “Reading a good book is like taking a journey.” If we compare a university to a giant ship sailing in seas of knowledge, the library would be its helm. So, the ranking and quality of programs at any university can be judged by its library.

Library at Classroom Building I

Everyday at Classroom Building I, students take advantage of the Central Library of Etugen University. There are a great variety and quantity of books, like reputable international universities, so it’s not unusual to find rare books here. As of 2014, the library had resources of 18,000 hard-copy books, 81.2% of them in Mongolian and rest in other languages. These numbers are increasing annually. In 2014 alone, the university invested 15 million tugrug to buy 1,110 books for the library. “The library never runs out of readers. It is filled with students from 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.,” the librarian says proudly. In the library, with two reading halls and 60 seats, students quietly going to the free choice section and choosing books can tell you about each one’s purpose. The readers at the library are asked to wear a white coat and a name badge. Students also leave their bags, cell phones and outerwear in lockers next to the entrance, and silence rules over the library even when the library is full of readers.

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