Graduate Programs

The total number of students is 179

The Research and Graduate Degree Center functions to manage research work and provide guidance.

Doctoral degree program

The main goal of the doctoral degree program is to enroll qualified people with master’s degrees who have worked successfully in the industry and have written articles and research papers published, and allow them to focus on their research.

Master’s degree program

The main goal of the master’s degree program is to enroll people with bachelor’s degree to master research methods and expand their knowledge in certain scientific field. After obtaining a master’s degree, the graduate will be able to independently conduct research work, collect materials from international and local sources, conduct analysis and summarize findings, as well as write research papers, critiques and formulate conclusions.

Davaagiin GAN- OCHIR. Degree: Master’s in Nursing. Current occupation: medical personnel at the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Year degree obtained: 2012 Thesis topic: Making nursing assistance for seniors provided by family health centers more comprehensive. Research: Spent one year in family health centers to collect data. Main conclusion: Provide appropriate nursing assistance considering the challenges facing elderly people.

Proud of being a doctor: In 1990 I graduated from the medical school and started my career in a small rural area. Everybody there highly respects doctors, addressing them formally, and I’ve realized one thing: A person with a severe disease who is at the edge of death looks at a doctor with “save me” eye

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Registration Dates: Students who have been admitted need to register in person from 21-26 August 2015 at Building number two; Room