Vocational Training Center

To date, 70 percent of the world’s 7 billion people work in various industries. According to statistics, about 17 to 20 thousand kinds of jobs exist intheworld.

In 2014, the first students were enrolled in the Vocational Training Center at Etugen University. A total of 54 students were enrolled in the first year for nursing and culinary classes.

Paying great attention to preparing skillful specialists for the labor market, the center offers the best training programs, involving qualified professional teachers and creating high-standard environments and facilities for practical work.

The students with strong accomplishments have the opportunity to continue their studies at Etugen University and improve their professional skills.


Ready to offer classes in eight professions identified on the basis of employer surveys on what’s in high demand in the labor market.

Laboratories and classrooms equipped with modern technology, as well as favorable conditions for study, are established.

The professional teachers with degrees and contemporary teaching methodology teach lessons according to curriculums and programs aimed at expanding the knowledge of students.

There is a focus on preparing good people and qualified specialists by involving students in training and other events devoted to the development of ethical norms, attitudes, and relations among students.

Davaasurengiin KHANGAITSETSEG. Age: 28 Place of study: : Vocational Training Center. Assistant nurse. Current occupation: : Information clerk at the Sukhbaatar District Hospital. Main qualities of a nurse: sincere communication.

“Although I am not medical staff, I’ve been working in the hospital for four years, not as a doctor or nurse. My main duty is to provide information to all people visiting our hospital. While doing this job I’ve realized what it does mean to be a nurse. Wishing to see myself as a nurse in a white gown, I have decided to study again. It is never late to learn once you are determined”

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Registration Dates: Students who have been admitted need to register in person from 21-26 August 2015 at Building number two; Room