Sports Complex

Olympic standard court

Height: 3.05 meters, Length: 28 meters, Width: 15 meters. The court has the same standard size of basketball courts at the Olympic games. Plus, it has another reason to stand out - three-layer rubber flooring that reduces the risk of injury.

Hard Work

Around 200 people practice here daily, from 10-year-old boys shooting baskets for the first time, to professional players in the National League. Power of will, endurance, and hard work are what they have in common. “Training starts with being on time. If a member of a team is late, others wait until he arrives. Thus, no one is going to be late next time,” says coach Bayartsogt. O, emphasizing the importance of collectiveness in a team.

Munkhtsog Munkhbayar. Major: Taxation and Accounting Etugen Leopards: Power Forward, Guard Peak Point in Single Game: 22

Legendary player Larry Bird used to spend every single day on the basketball court as a teenager. He had set a tough goal for himself, he would not go home without mastering proper techniques. I am sure that many youngsters who have a strong will, like him, practice and train all day on Etugen’s basketball court.

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