College of Nursing

Total number of professors: 31

Number of students: 640

Number of graduates: 700

The School of Nursing started its operations in 2002, by offering a bachelor’s degree program in nursing. There have been seven graduating classes from the bachelor’s degree program in nursing and nine graduating classes from the phased bachelor’s degree program. In total, the school has trained over 700 students with a major in nursing.

Features of the School

The graduates are the pride of the professors of the school, because 100 percent of the graduates of Etugen’s School of Nursing find employment. You might have seen or heard many advertisements that say, “We are recruiting nursing graduates from Etugen University.” The professors often get inquiries from their acquaintances, specifically targeting their students, stating that they would like to employ nurses who have graduated from our school. You can trust that graduates from Etugen are protecting public health in state and private hospitals and clinics, and even in remote areas in the countryside.

Cabinets and Laborator

Every class has lessons in fully equipped laboratories or cabinets depending on the lessons’ requirements. For example, in the general nursing and skills cabinets, the students are individually taught how things are handled and what skills they need when they become nurses. and the experienced professors work with each and every student to demonstrate and teach these skills.

The students practice at State Hospitals 1, 2 and 3 as well as district clinics. Another feature of the nursing school is that it works hard to make their students humane and compassionate, and all professors endeavor to accomplish this task.

Batsaikhany BATZAYA. . Year 3 student in Nursing. Definition of a nurse: A good person. Just like a mother. The reason why students choose the wrong profession: They are led by overstated expectations and influenced by others’ judgement Advice: Listen to yourself, then study your profession

“A nurse should listen to his or her patients like a psychologist, provide guidance on what to do in the future like a professor, provide sound advice like a researcher, become a confidant like a doctor, and finally, he or she should be able to love compassionately from the very bottom of their heart.”

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